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Property Regcognition

Hello Morgan Pines Homeowners. By now many of you may have received Property Recognition letters from the Homeowners Association. This is something new we have implemented to show homeowners that property inspections are not done just to find negative things, but also for positive things. Taking pride in the appearance of your home is a fundamental part of ownership and being a good neighbor; and it deserves recognition.

So what do you have to do to be eligible for Property Recognition?

   • Grass cut and edged at the curb, sidewalk, driveway and walkway
   • Vegetation free concrete joints and cracks
   • Sidewalk, driveway and walkway clean (pressure washed)
   • Mailbox in good condition (no rust, dirt, bird droppings, operational door, etc. painted with high gloss  
     black paint)
   • Bushes and trees not overgrown

Some homeowners have received property recognition letters that recognize the curb appeal of their homes, but also suggest taking care of a small detail(s) which would add to the appeal of their already beautiful home. These enhancement suggestions will be offered only once. After receiving the letter, if the suggestions that were shared with the homeowner are not addressed,that homeowner will no longer be eligible for property recognition.

We understand that everyone doesn't cut their grass or tend to their yards on the same day, but that won’t be problematic in our determining Property Recognition, because property inspections are done several times a month.
Lastly, we are implementing a “Curb Appeal Award” to those homes that embody beautification and the welcoming spirit of Morgan Pines. The Curb Appeal Award, will be bestowed to one house on a monthly basis. With the homeowners permission, we will display their address and a notice stating, “123 Main Street, Curb Appeal Of The Month Award”, in the message board by the exit on Wild Cat Dam Road, as well as placing a lawn sign in their front yard which states, “Home Of The Month”.

Our goal is to keep our neighborhood beautiful and to always work in partnership with every homeowner.

If there’s anything that we can do to assist you with this or anything else, please feel free to contact us either via email (morganpineshoaboard@aol.com) or via our website (morganpineshoa.com) by clicking on “Contact Us”.