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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  What is a HOA?
A. Homeowners associations (HOAs) are organizations which deal with the upkeep of a  
neighborhood's common areas and establish standards of acceptable behavior for a community.

Q.  What is the Role of the Board of Directors
Most HOAs are run by a board, which is typically made up of volunteers elected by their fellow owners. Depending on the size of the neighborhood and how extensive a role the board takes, a board may be organized into committees. The board may have officers, with the most common roles being president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Q.  When does the Board meet?
  The Board meets the second Thursday of each month.

Q.  When is the Annual Homeowners meeting?
A.  The Annual Homeowners meeting  is in April/May of each year.  An advanced notice is given to the homeowners meeting for the exact time, date, and place.

Q. How do I become a member of my community’s HOA?
You automatically become a member of the homeowners association as a condition of purchasing a home in Morgan Pines.  Your HOA membership entitles you to voting rights, which gives you a voice in helping to set association rules, policies and regulations that affect our community.  In addition, all association members are required to share the costs of operating and maintaining our community’s common areas, systems equipment, and amenities.  These services are covered by your homeowners’ association fees or dues, which each unit owner is required to pay.  Payments are made to the association quarterly.